Snowball Docs
  • Snowball Launch - We had a fair launch on March 7th with three auto-compounding strategies.
  • Timelocks & Multisig - These safety measures were introduced to further secure the protocol and help build the community's trust in Snowball.
  • New Auto-Compounding Strategies - We added two new strategies: AVAX-LINK and AVAX-USDT.
  • s3D StableVault - We launched the first stable asset AMM on Avalanche with DAI, BUSD and USDT.
  • On-Chain Governance - We introduced voting on proposals even with SNOB staked in the AVAX-SNOB liquidity pool.
  • Promotional NFTs - We launched an NFT marketplace with some limited edition NFTs in order to recognize and rewards our users and community members.
  • PNG Auto-Compounding Strategies - These 9 new PNG strategies were introduced to show our support for the Pangolin community.
  • s3F StableVault - We partnered with Frax Finance to bring the FRAX stablecoin to the Avalanche network and to create a stable asset pool with FRAX, TUSD and USDT.
  • Pangolin Rewards - We added PNG rewards to the SNOB token on the Pangolin Exchange - Avalanche's largest DEX.
  • SNOB Staking - We introduced xSNOB, the staked version of the SNOB token.
  • Partnerships - We've announced an official partnership with Avalanche and Penguin Finance; while continuing to support the Avalanche ecosystem as a whole.
  • Governance V2 - We revamped our governance mechanisms for better functionality and increased security.
  • Website Redesign - We redesigned our website in order to greatly improve user experience.
  • New Auto-Compounding Strategies - Now at 111 auto-compounding strategies in total; we've continued to expand our offerings as the Avalanche ecosystem grows.
  • s4D StableVault - We deprecated the old StableVaults in order to launch a stable asset pool with DAI.e, FRAX, TUSD and USDT.e.
  • Partnerships - We partnered with Sherpa Cash in order to launch their new token through an IDO.
  • Team Expansion - We have brought on new developers, designers and other team members and nearly tripled the size of our team!
  • Axial Launch - We launched a DEX for swapping value-pegged assets called Axial, as an upgrade to our existing StableVaults.
  • Website Improvements - We made further QoL improvements to our site and have been consistently improving the user experience among our various products.
  • One-Click-Deposits - We made it possible for users to use our products without swapping tokens at all beforehand; optionally utilizing zappers for all deposits.
  • New Auto-Compounding Strategies - Even more strategies were added to Snowball this quarter, including all-new strategies for platforms such as Axial and Teddy.
  • New & Improved NFTs - We launched an exclusive holiday beanie NFT, redeemable for a Snowball beanie from our partners at Husky.
  • Dynamic Strategies - We plan to add strategies that can optimize yields by moving funds between farms depending on their yields at any given time.
  • Snowball UI V3 - We plan on completely overhauling the app in order to make the user experience better, faster and more intuitive, while also providing more details to the user about their options and actions on-site.
  • Audits - All Snowball smart contracts will be completely audited.
  • Liquid Staking - The Snowball DAO plans to launch LAVA, a protocol that allows for liquid staking of AVAX.
  • 2 Year Club - The community's commitment to the DAO will be rewarded through unique NFTs and other exciting perks.
  • Treasury Management - We plan to introduce better and more efficient mechanisms with which the community will be able to more easily manage Snowball's treasury.
  • Feedback System - Users will be able to contribute to Snowball directly on-site through providing feedback for developers, design teams, etc.
  • Notification Service - The Snowball DAO plans to launch a protocol to provide push notifications on-chain.
  • Further Wallet Integrations - We plan on integrating many new wallets to allow anyone to interact with Snowball regardless of their choice of wallet provider.
  • Delegated xSNOB Voting - Through this, users will have more options when it comes to participating in Snowball's governance structures.
  • NFT Marketplace V2 - We plan on launching an improved version of the current NFT marketplace.
  • Insurance Mechanisms - We plan on either partnering up with an insurance provider or create our own insurance fund to cover any risk to user assets.
  • Chainlink Integration - By creating a reliable price feed for the SNOB token, we enable it to be used as collateral in lending strategies as well as enable bridging opportunities.
  • Subnets - We plan on being part of any exciting subnet development coming in Avalanche's near future.
  • Institutional Partnerships - We plan on extending our reach by forging even more ambitious partnerships.
  • Referral Program - We plan on implementing a referral program in order to incentivize the platform's natural growth.
  • No-Loss Lottery - The Snowball DAO plans to launch our very own native no-loss lottery on Avalanche.
  • Cross-Chain Strategies - By utilizing Avalanche's unique position as a hub to bridge from and to other chains, we plan on bringing opportunities from other chains back home to our users.
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