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Welcome to Snowball!
Snowball is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol built on the Avalanche blockchain. It was launched in early March, 2021 and was the first auto-compounder and stable-asset exchange on the network.
Since March, Snowball has grown to be one of the leading DeFi projects on Avalanche. It continues to offer and develop innovative products, while launching new DAOs integral to the DeFi ecosystem.

Our Products

​Governance - Everything at Snowball is determined through governance. This includes SNOB token distributions, proposals for launching new DAOs and much, much more.
​Compounding - By using Snowball's auto-compounder, rewards from other protocols can be automatically re-invested, saving you gas fees and yielding higher APYs.
​Axial - The first DAO launched by Snowball - a decentralized exchange for value-pegged assets.
​Lava - Lava brings liquid AVAX staking to Avalanche.
​NFT Marketplace - Our very own marketplace to mint exclusive Snowball NFTs.

Official Links

New to DeFi? Learn more about the space on Snowball's very own DeFi University!
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