Gauges control the distribution of SNOB to Snowball’s products. Gauges are voted on by xSNOB holders and are updated daily at approximately 0 UTC.

How Gauges Work

Each pool in Snowball has an associated gauge, which can be voted on to add SNOB rewards. Pools earn a percentage of the total SNOB rewards distributed, depending on how xSNOB holders allocate them. Every day, gauges are updated to reflect the current votes.

To vote on gauges, head to the Staking page of our website. You can vote to split the distribution in any way (100% to one pool, split evenly between all pools, etc.). Note that you only need to vote once for a distribution of your choosing. The only reason to vote again is if you would like to change your vote.

Check the resources below to find out how to vote on your preferred allocation.

Gauges Resources

xSNOBxSNOB FAQVoting on Gauges with xSNOB

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