MetaMask Security Measures

This guide will cover how to keep your MetaMask wallet safer than ever through revoking unnecessary token approvals, disconnecting from unused dapps and learning how to lock your wallet when you are no longer utilizing it.

Revoking Token Approvals

1) Head to and click on More > Token Approvals:

2) Enter your wallet address.

3) Use the Connect to Web3 button to connect your wallet.

4) Click on the revoke icon and then the Revoke button on any approvals you would like to remove.

5) Confirm the transaction to revoke any given approval:

Disconnecting From Unused Dapps

1) Select the three dots on the top right and click on Connected Sites.

2) Click on the trash icon next to any dapps you no longer interact with, and confirm the disconnection:

Locking Your Wallet

When not using your computer, and especially if you are not accustomed to locking your computer when walking away from it, it is highly advised to lock your wallet to not allow others nearby to make any transactions you are not aware of.

This is as simple as clicking on your account icon on the top right and selecting Lock:

By default, MetaMask locks your wallet after a certain amount of time. This value can be changed through MetaMask's advanced settings.

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