Reward Boosting
Reward boosting increases the amount of SNOB rewards you receive from Snowball's products.
Your boost multiplier is determined by two factors:
  1. 1.
    Your proportional share of the xSNOB supply. The larger your share, the larger your boost.
  2. 2.
    Your proportional share of a productā€™s pool. The larger your share in a pool, the more xSNOB is needed in order to boost your rewards in such pool.
The reward boost granted by the first factor (xSNOB) applies to all Snowball pools. However, the boost received (up to 250%) for each pool will still be affected by your proportional share of the pool.

Math Behind Reward Boosting

DerivedĀ BalanceĀ =Ā UserĀ BalanceĀ InĀ GaugeĀ āˆ—Ā 0.4\text{Derived Balance = User Balance In Gauge āˆ— 0.4}
AdjustedĀ Balance=TotalĀ DepositedĀ InĀ GaugeĀ āˆ—Ā UserĀ xSNOBĀ BalancexSNOBĀ TotalĀ SupplyĀ āˆ—Ā 0.6\text{Adjusted Balance} = \frac{\text{Total Deposited In Gauge āˆ— User xSNOB Balance}} {\text{xSNOB Total Supply}} \text{ āˆ— 0.6}
BoostĀ Factor=minĀ (DerivedĀ BalanceĀ +Ā AdjustedĀ Balance,Ā UserĀ BalanceĀ InĀ Gauge)DerivedĀ Balance\text{Boost Factor} = \frac{\text{min (Derived Balance + Adjusted Balance, User Balance In Gauge)}} {\text{Derived Balance}}

Reward Boosting Resources

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Math Behind Reward Boosting
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