Voting on Gauges with xSNOB

This guide covers voting on gauges with xSNOB to determine the allocation of SNOB rewards. Once you have voted, your vote will remain in place, unless you change your vote. To learn more about the functionality of gauges, check out our documentation here.

1) Head to the staking page of our website here.

2) Click on Vote.

3) Select the pools you would like to vote for through the drop down menu. Alternatively, click SELECT ALL to view all the pools simultaneously (this does not force you to vote on every pool).

4) Type the percentage weight you would like to apply to each pool into the boxes on the right. Remember that the total percentage must add up to 100%.

5) When you are satisfied with your selections, click SUBMIT VOTE. You will be asked to approve the transaction through your wallet. If the button is greyed out, please ensure that your vote percentages add up to 100%.

Congratulations! Once your transaction is confirmed, your vote will have been counted. Thank you for doing your part to ensure SNOB rewards are going to wherever best suits our community!

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