Revenue Sharing

xSNOB revenue sharing allows users to claim their share of Snowball's weekly revenue. This revenue is distributed weekly in the form of market-bought SNOB.

Anyone who stakes SNOB for xSNOB is eligible to claim revenue sharing rewards. Rewards are distributed based on your proportion of the total xSNOB supply:

SNOB Reward=0.3 ∗ Weekly Revenue ∗ User xSNOB BalancexSNOB Total Supply\text{SNOB Reward} = \frac{\text{0.3 ∗ Weekly Revenue ∗ User xSNOB Balance}} {\text{xSNOB Total Supply}}

As of November 2021, xSNOB holders also receive AXIAL token rewards. Details of such distributions can be seen through AXIAL's tokenomics here.

Revenue Sharing Calendar

The payday for rewards happens every Thursday morning at 0 UTC.

You will start receiving rewards the week after you make your first deposit. This means that if you stake your SNOB after Thursday at 0 UTC, you will not receive rewards for that week. You will start receiving rewards for every week after that.

These rewards can be claimed every week until your xSNOB balance reaches 0 (at the end of your predetermined lock period). If you don't claim your rewards each week, you will not lose them. You can claim them at any time, even after your lock period is over. There is no penalty for late claims and/or forgetfulness. Your SNOB might get lonely though.

Historical Distributions

Revenue Sharing Resources

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